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Tapered Soft Liquid Silicone Anal Plug with Safe Finger Loop

Tapered Soft Liquid Silicone Anal Plug with Safe Finger Loop


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Enter into a comfortable Insert and accommodate

Come to get a more Fullness add more climax with this Fish-like plug in bedroom and bath, wherever! Try to add some water base lubricant and with a tapered tip for a easy insertion, different from smooth plug, it takes a textured then you will come to a “bounce” while pull out, just enjoy most pleasure with you partner, whether your boy or girl. It silicone body enters easily, stimulating the nerve-rich anal canal.

I want you be interested in its ergonomics structure, easy enter point Followed by a long neck for a comfortable wear, a safety pull ring loop was in the bottom, not yourself but for partner is easy to enter and pull. Feel the double sense of excitement from front and backdoor to make your sex life more interesting.


  • Made from body safe silicone material and whole healthy
  • Clean up with mild soap and water then pat dry and storage
  • Bring a easy insertion tapered tip
  • A safety pull loop make a easy pull out
  • Gently stretches and stimulates as it widens toward the largest point
  • It’s important to heat up plug with hot water for the first time
  • Add to some your favorite water base lubricant then get a more silky feeling

Tapered Tip

Adopt tapered tip design for easy insertion and it’s also very friendly not only for a backdoor beginner but an advanced, then healthy material is safety.

Unique Screw Thread

Anal plug come with unique triple ring screw thread, give you Peculiar stimulation when you plug in and pull it out, it’s all very strong feeling.

Slim Neck

Comfortable accommodate depend on a slim neck, just wear it without any indisposed within the time allowed by your body.

Flexible Pull Loop

A flexible finger ring is necessary ensure you don’t need to go to see a doctor, it gives you extra control for twisting and thrusting thrills!



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