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Electric Prostate Massager Shock Pulse 16 Modes Vibrating Wireless Prostate Stimulator Anal Plug to Buy

Electric Prostate Massager Shock Pulse 16 Modes Vibrating Wireless Prostate Stimulator Anal Plug to Buy


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Electric Prostate Massager Shock Pulse 16 Modes Vibrating Wireless Prostate Stimulator Anal Plug to Buy

Talking about sexual pleasure for men, what else can bring better than an Electric Prostate Massager Yes, it’s true. The Wireless Prostate Stimulator brings harder and importantly stronger orgasms. Getting curious, huh Great, keep scrolling so that you can’t miss any point.

As men, you usually have a prostate and a gland located a few inches inside your anus along with the penis as sexual organs. Did you get it I think so. A prostate is full of different nerves that end here. That means, when our Electric Prostate Massager will be there to stimulate those nerves, you will have an exciting full-body orgasm. Let’s find more about our product.

Electric Prostate Massager: Cool Functions and Materials

The Wireless Prostate Stimulator has strong retention ability with excellent elasticity. As a result, it will be easy to insert in the anus and you will get indescribable satisfaction.

You will have 16 vibration modes available with our Electric Prostate Massager to regulate the intensity. Thus, the vibrator will easily suit your demand for bringing orgasm or climax for the whole body.

As this is an Electric Prostate Massager, you will get the added benefit of ‘electric shock pulse’ function. You will get another 16 electric stimulation modes. Won’t they be great for you

So, if you’re thinking to buy an anal plug, this product is going to be the best choice for you, I assure you.

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Don’t think much about the price of the Electric Prostate Massager, just think about the quality and safety you will have. This is one of our premium Wireless Prostate Stimulators that has a reputation for excellent customer satisfaction.

Moreover, you can control the Electric Prostate Massager and its vibration modes using a remote. So, don’t worry about the manual control system. Just enjoy your weekend with a full-body orgasm.

Oh, this is not the end of features for this masterpiece! As the price is a little bit high, you can understand that top-quality material has been used to manufacture the Wireless Prostate Stimulator. The anal plug is completely non-toxic and superb for the internal use of soft parts of your body.

I forgot to say that the Electric Prostate Massager has two motors to generate power for the stimulation of the prostate. Moreover, the vibrator is waterproof so that you can play in the bathtub or swimming pool.

The Premium black color is the symbol of excellence with the USB recharge system. A lot of features and functions, right So, what are you waiting for

The Benefits You Will Have??

There are some crucial benefits that the Electric Prostate Massager provides. But be sure that you are using it carefully in terms of rough sex. Because at the end of the day, you won’t want to be hurt, will you

Let’s come to the point. Sometimes the duct of the prostate becomes less fluent for any or many reasons. Our Wireless Prostate Stimulator will help increase the fluency or clean the tube or duct.

Regular prostate massage can ease the blockages of fluid in the reproductive system. If you have any issue or pain with the ejaculation, the Electric Prostate Massager will also help you with that.

But remember that, your ultimate benefit is with the sexual pleasure from the prostate. Here you can’t compare anything. Above are some additional benefits of prostate massage.

Moreover, the Electric Prostate Massager is very good for increasing urine flow. Because the prostate is situated just beside your urethra which is also stimulated by the massage.

Prostate massage can help with prostatitis disease. Usually, there was a time when massage was the only way to prevent this disease before the invention of medication. Again, I am saying that these are the additional benefits of Electric Prostate Massager.

Please note that there will be no sign of any sex toys on the packaging.

How to Use the Electric Prostate Massager

This is easy as drinking water, you know. Just push the Wireless Prostate Stimulator in your anal and adjust the vibrators accordingly.

But don’t start with high pressure or high frequency as that can be harmful at times. When you will be familiar with the Electric Prostate Massager, you can go hard.

Anyway, you should just concentrate on the orgasm you will have with the vibrator. Don’t need to think anything else.

LEVETT 16 Modes Electric Shock Pulse Man Prostate Massager Anal Plug Vibrator Sex Toys For Men Remote Vibrating Butt Plug Male Sexshop

Different with other cheap product, our products are made of the tops grade quality material, non-toxic, very safe for your private parts.
Quality first is LEVETT the most important purpose.

Function: 2 Motors, 3 rotation+16 vibration modes+16 Electric stimulate modes
Material: Medical grade silicone & ABS & Metal
Features: Waterproof / Phthalate Free
Battery: USB Rechargeable
Color: Black
Package: Discreet packaging, the packaging and label will not show any about sex words.

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