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Couples Vibrating Ring Remote Control Sex Toy

Couples Vibrating Ring Remote Control Sex Toy


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For some real sexual fun buy a vibrating couple cock ring 9modes control vibrator for couples

Remote control vibrator Cock ring is a TOP-satisfier ring. This couple cock ring and experience long-lasting sex in bed it can give you pleasure teases your erogenous for intense lovemaking. You should buy a vibrating cock ring because this is very stretchy and it can fit any manhood. It’s one at the base of the penis and vibrates, the sex toy is designed to stimulate the clitoris during penetration. The Good News is that it’s not just for couples it can also provide extra stimulation to the male partner from having something around the base. The remote control vibrating cock ring will give you the best foreplay experience in your life! When you look to maintain your erection during intercourse you must buy a vibrating cock ring.

Do something amazing to your Cock with remote control vibrator cock ring

You should buy a vibrating cock ring to embrace your sexuality and play around to find what makes you feel good and do it now!

Astonishing Features

The remote control vibrating cock ring is made up of safe silicon which is non-poisonous and has no kind of odour. This cute couple cock ring equivalent to please male G-spot and has 9 amazing vibrating modes so you can set the vibration levels as per your most pleasant mode. The furrowed top of the remote control vibrating cock ring makes clitoral stimulation more pleasurable.. The most appealing feature of this silicon made couple cock ring is that it can be used for any size of the penis. Buy a vibrating cock ring because it is very useful for people who couldn’t maintain penis erection, this cock ring helps to maintain it until you get satisfied. Silicon rechargeable couple cock ring gives you good battery time and ensures the most incredible vaginal and cock sex pleasure n many different positions.

The luxurious body-safe silicon couple cock ring works wonders to maximize stamina and increase girth to make lovers want you more. It warms up your body and enhances sexual desires. The cock ring makes you feel more comfortable with your bed partner.

Enjoy its functions!

Couple cock ring helps you to have strong pleasurable vibrations at the root of the penis. This remote control vibrating cock ring is soft enough to wear and solve every size problem. This cute sex toy makes your blood flows into the penis pretty easily and flowing out is a lot harder and blood in the penis is what makes it hard-on-hard. The more you get in and not coming out the harder, bigger and longer the erection lasts which is a pretty pleasurable thing and you will love that. This wonderful remote control vibrating cock ring exactly as per your sexual demands. A couple of cock ring is a great pleasure ring for the couple to explore the most naughty sexual pleasure sides, it uses during intercourse and enjoys the sexual moments. You can experience this sex toy at an exceptional price. It has detachable design, no any disturbing sound and a lot more astounding functions packed with intense pleasure to deliver a knee-shaking orgasm.

How to use

You can use this couple cock ring in different positions with your partner.

A lot of men wear the remote control vibrating cock ring behind the storker scrotum as well so in this way you need to pull the couple cock ring and wear it very easily and ENJOY! When you look to maintain your erection during intercourse you must buy remote control vibrating cock ring. . Over the erection lube makes it quicker and easier to get on the penis. Couple cock ring makes it firmer fit because the idea is that you are going to be trapping the blood flow up and it’s helping you’re maintaining your erection. The couple Cock ring is very nice firm and comfortable. You can have your intercourse take it off and then you will be right as rain. You can take this waterproof couple cock ring for a dip and embrace those powerful vibrations in the bath, shower or tub.

We care for your privacy so the packaging will be very secretly, no item tag will be shown on the package. You can buy a vibrating cock ring at a very low cost.


  • 9 Modes vibrator, clitoris stimulator, pump scrotum stimulator
  • Magnetic charging, strong vibration
  • Strong vibration at the root of the penis
  • Soft enough-solve size problems


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