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10 Speed Magic Wand Powerful Massagers for Adults Toy

10 Speed Magic Wand Powerful Massagers for Adults Toy


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10 Speeds Magic Wand Powerful Massagers for Adults Toy

Are you looking for a magic wand or considering about getting a powerful magic wand recently Do you want to get more pleasure from your head to toes Do you want to experience the orgasm anytime you want Then do not miss 10 speeds powerful magic wand massagers!

You may not know. The magic wands were not created as an adult sex toy at the beginning. Hitachi sold this kind of neck and back powerful massagers in 1968. This massagers were named magic wands due to it magical function to ease the sore and knots in muscles. Gradually, women started using them for more important needs. And nowadays these powerful magic wand massagers are one of the most popular adult sex toys!

Here are 5 reasons why you cannot miss these powerful and pleasured magic wands.

Have you had such embarrassing moments: I can’t squirt??I never have the true orgasm ,I cannot experience multiple orgasms or I can’t come easily

Then you really need a powerful Magic Wand to lighten your sex life. Let’s look at the reasons why you deserve it.

It’s Powerful

This 10 speeds magic wand is so powerful that it can make you easily feel high. If your clitoris is extremely sensitive, this powerful magic wand can give you orgasm with only a touch. When the powerful Magic Wand works, the magic vibration activates your clitoris which then gives you intense and persistent orgasms.

It’s Reliable

This 10 speeds powerful magic wand massager was designed with a strong quality motor. When it works, it is powerful but soudless.

This 10 speeds powerful magic wand massage was made of safe and skin-friendly materials. You can feel smooth and comfortable when it flows all over your body.

This powerful magic wand is rechargeable so that the battery power will not be run out of easily

It’s Easy to Operate

It is not difficult for anyone to operate this powerful magic wand. You can see several buttons in it: an on/off button, a vibration control button, and a speed control button. It is also the best companions of other bed sex toys like dildos, bandage suit or lingerie. Especially,the bendable neck is designed for flexible massage actions as you need. Its small size makes it easy and convenient to carry anywhere you go.

It’s adult Toy

A lot of lovers are crazy about this toy,which can give both amazing feelings when making love. You can put the powerful Magic Wand on your clitoris while being penetrated . Both partners can feel the orgasm they have never experienced and they cannot stop.

So, if you’ve been considering about collecting some sex toys to spice up your sex life. Do not hesitate to buy one.

If you usually have trouble in reaching orgasm, or if you haven’t really try other vibrators, this can be the first and best choice.

Believe me or not, once you use this 10 speeds powerful magic wand,you will relive in your sex life and you will fall in love madly with this powerful magic wand.

Product code:08A0858
New 10 Speeds Magic Wand Massager,Big Magic Wand Massage Stick AV Vibrators Sexy Clit Vibrator Sex Toys for Women

Size: One Size,32 * 6 CM
Color:Pink, Purple, White, Black
Material: TPR+ABS
AC Power supply voltage: 110-250volts
Power frequency: 50-60HZ
Vibration frequency: 9000/min 8000/min-
Use time: 1.5h-2h
Product features: full body massage, promote blood circulation, relieve muscle pressure, eliminate fatigue, adult products

– 360 degrees turn at will
– soft head
– 10 frequency switch button
– Product certification: CE certification through the EU

Wash&keep Method:
-DO NOT Wash with water directly(do not use hot water).
– Cleaning with soap,do not use 84 detergent,alcohol to wash the item
– Kept in the shade
– Private things,no multi-users.
– Stay away from Children
– Prohibit minors from buying

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Black, Pink, Purple, white


One Size


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